Thursday, 26 March 2009

Broody goose

The young goose has been sitting on her nest since Sunday and although still very early days seems quite determined. Early Monday morning when I went to change their water, feed them etc. she was off the nest. My heart sank as she quite happily waddled off into the Fowl's run with the other two. However the eggs were still warm ( there are 10 in the nest) so I hurriedly did all I needed to do and drove the three geese back into the orchard. She immediately went back onto her nest. I didn't see her off the nest any time on Tuesday, although I'm sure she did take a break. Wednesday morning I took the camera down first thing hoping to get some photos, chaos had broken out. The young goose was off the nest and the older goose was on it, all three were shouting. I think the older goose had kicked the younger one off so she could lay.Later in the day the young goose was back on her nest and a broken and eaten egg was on the house floor. I am fairly sure it was the newly laid egg of the older goose. Tomorrow should be interesting as the older goose is due to lay again. If she continues to insist on laying in the nest in the house, despite having the option of several other nesting areas we are going to have to fence off the young goose and her nest.Not quite sure how yet without separating her from the gander and upsetting them all !

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