Friday, 27 March 2009

Annie - one week to go !!

Annie: 1 week to go

Annie has a week to go tomorrow.... this weekend if she is as early as last year.It's not easy to tell from the photos but she has definitely got a lot bigger in the past week, much more solid.This morning she was a little more subdued than usual and her udder is noticeably larger, although her teats aren't fully extended yet. So she is now on more frequent watches.

Tomorrow we are hoping to go to Newton Abbot's rare breeds poultry auction. I have never been before, a couple of weeks ago we went to the first auction of the year, thinking that was the rare breeds one.It was the first poultry auction I had ever been to and in fact it was helpful going to one we didn't intend buying from just to see how it all worked. Not that we intend to buy from this one but I have disinfected and set the incubator running and have sorted out some carry boxes...just in case !!!

Knowing our luck Annie will have a difficult lambing or will have just started to lamb first thing tomorrow so we won't be able to go.

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