Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Weekly Garden update

In the greenhouse:

The sweet peas are growing well now.I remembered that you are supposed to pinch out the growing tip after the second set of true leaves, now they look better ! The second sowing is still to germinate.

The tomatoes are still slow to develop further leaves.I am going to leave any further sowings until April, the peppers are also standing still.

The first sowing of radish is doing extremely well and the second sowing is coming through strongly.

The lettuce is also growing nicely. I need to put in a second sowing.

The spring onions sown last weekend are just coming through. Also through are the nasturtiums, sunflowers and marigolds.

In the veg plot:

The first of the broad beans were planted out at the weekend and so far have avoided the ravishes of any pests.

The turnips that were sown directly into the ground started to germinate a couple of days ago, as did the lettuce.The rhubarb leaves have started to develop.No sign of the shallots or other seeds as yet.

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