Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Last trip of the year

Yesterday was the last trip of the year to the abattoir and we are both relieved. I don't know why we dread it so much. It's not having the animals killed, as heartless as that may sound, the slaughtering is the final stage of many months work. Having to make a really early start isn't any trouble ( although I must be getting old because I'm shattered today) and although I get anxious about the journey it has always gone without a hitch. The staff at the abattoir are always friendly and never make you feel inadequate, the paperwork has always been correct and the carcasses have always turned out well, yet every time I get wound up....daft really.

Next year, by not rearing any weaners, we should only have to make the 'dreaded' journey once.

Alfie the lamb walked into the trailer yesterday morning as if though it was an everyday event for him, yet he then proceeded to holler the whole of the journey, startling many early morning joggers!. He has always been quite a vocal lamb with a tendency from a very young age to just stand and shout rather than go to look for the others.
We arrived at the abattoir just as it was opening. The gentlman there seemed surprised when I said I had a lamb, mind you there was no denying the fact with the noise coming from inside the trailer.
Despite being reassured by my butcher that Monday was the correct day for lambs (I always understood Monady - pigs, Tuesday- lambs ) he failed to tell me that they take lambs in from 1 0clock for 2.0clock onwards. We were 6 1/2 hours too early !!
It didn't seem to present too much of a problem, a freshly bedded down pen was made in the corner of the yard for Alfie to stay in until his time was up and whatever the gentleman may have been thinking he promised us it was fine, but as we left with Alfie still shouting I'm not sure he really meant it!


Poppy said...

There is an award for you on my blog, I hope you enjoy it.

Sandra said...

Thank you Poppy :)

Anonymous said...

glad it went ok - we always book our slot with the abbatoir.. do you just turn up then? didn't know you could do that...

Sandra said...

I noticed before you mentioned 'having' a time at the abattoir. Not sure what the protocol is. The butcher appears to have a permanent slot with Langs. I think he just phones to say'one lamb - Rhymes for Monday' and we turn up.Maybe we should go at a certain time, I'll have to ask. Mind you if I ask then we will have to stick by it, being there for 6.30 suits us as we can go before work.

The lamb came back yesterday, by far the best we've had...Alfie has done us proud!