Friday, 20 March 2009

The Countdown has started

The countdown has started ...less than 2 weeks now before Annie lambs ( less if she lambs early like last year)
The time when I start to see every twitch, every stiffness of limbs as a potential problem/disaster.
I started her step feeding at 8 weeks, a little earlier than usual, but it was when I was trying to feed Whitestripe up. She was wormed and her feet were trimmed before she came back from the ram, so that's done. I gave her the heptavac jab a couple of weeks ago. So most things are now sorted.

Tomorrow I am going to muck out, scrub down and whitewash the stable. Also make lamb proof the Fowl's run. Part of the wall/hedge of the churchyard has slipped and needs fencing off until we have time to rebuild it properly, there are also a couple of gaps that need blocking up.
I can then move Annie down. The Fowls run is smaller, more sheltered and away from the geese, and closer to the stable. It has been empty now for several weeks so is clean and the grass has grown well.

Annie herself appears fine. I don't think she is as big as last year, but then again she is bigger in herself. Last year was her first time lambing, also her lambs were large.She is bagging up nicely, maybe getting slightly slow and less energetic but otherwise OK.
We will start more frequent checks on her and just hope all goes as well as last time.


Anonymous said...

you sound very organised. Hope everything goes smoothly, and you just find her standing with her lambs looking smug!

Sandra said...

I hope so, she did last year.It's just this year after losing Whitestripe I'm nervous.

A Green and Rosie Life said...

Oooh - good luck. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the offspring.

Rosie x

Sandra said...

Thank you.