Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Vegetable patch

Last year I posted a weekly update on our first year of growing vegetables, living here. This year everything is so far behind, due to the weather there has been little to write about. Now, although late things are looking more promising...very dry though, we desperately need rain.

Photos taken this morning,( when will I learn that early morning light is not a good light for taking photos.)

The veg patch taken from the 'house end'

The veg patch taken from the chicken run.

The rhubarb now in it's second year is doing well, we have cooked and frozen a fair amount, jam and chutney next.

Having only a very small patch, which feels as if it is getting smaller, the more we would like to plant, we chose only to plant a few potatoes this year.

The marrows, courgettes and gherkins have just been planted out, cucumbers and squash will go in this week.

At the weekend we tied the broads beans, they are just coming into flower. We also sowed the french beans. The runner beans are just coming through in the greenhouse.

The shallots and onions are doing well, although the second row of onion seeds were slow to come through. We also have leeks, turnips, beetroot, carrots and parsnips at different stages of germination. The salad crops and parsley are ready for picking. I think that's all we have for now. Sprouts will go in at a later

Oh and despite my scepticism the solar mole repeller appears to have worked !


Anonymous said...

told you the solar mole thing works :)

veg patches looking good

Anonymous said...

Did you make those cloches yourself? They look like they are made from corrugated roofing sheets? If so how did you hold each one together? Thanks!

Sandra said...

Hi, Yes made husband made them from offcuts, they are ideal and can be adjusted to size. They are fixed with whatever is at hand at the time - some are bolted, others pot riveted and some have just had holes made in them and fixed with wire.