Saturday, 15 May 2010


We have a mole in the vegetable patch. Although going by the destruction it causes it is hard to believe there isn't a whole gang of them.

For a week now we have played a 'battle of wills' game. Every night the mole uproots the broads bean plants, every morning we firm them into the ground again. I think the mole may be winning, the once healthy looking plants are beginning to look decidedly unhealthy. We have already lost a complete row of newly germinated carrot seedlings and now a row of beetroot seedlings appear to have been targeted.

Probably a complete waste of money but we have just bought a solar mole repeller. I will reserve judgement on it's effectiveness for now.


Anonymous said...

we used on and it seemed to work.

having said that - our cat catches moles...

Marianne said...

Seems the nicer way to take care of the moles. Hope it works.

We have a mole working the garden & lawn & part of our sheep pasture. We just seeded the garden, so he/she hasn't been able to take out any seedlings yet. However, the tomatoes went in today. My husband uses cinch traps quite sucessfully, so hopefully we can take care of the mole before it takes care of the garden.

Good luck.
Marianne in Oregon