Saturday, 22 May 2010

A doing day

Today we have managed to pick up quite a few jobs that were on the' must do soon' list.

The ewes and lambs were vaccinated this morning for Blue tongue, they were then along with Fred sprayed with Blowfly repel, an organic treatment against fly strike.

All the hens and houses have been treated for red mite, an ongoing programme which so far has kept the mite away. The beak of a Welsummer hen was trimmed, as it is slightly hooked. I am afraid the hen is on the 'soon to go' list. Apart from her deformed beak, she isn't a great layer, her eggs for a Welsummer are pale and when she does lay more often than not it is outside.

All the nettles and thistles in the grazing areas have been strimmed and the yard grass cut.

The livestock trailer has been fixed and the gate post between the Fowls Run and Orchard repaired.

More compost has been brought back from the yard and the gherkins, marrows and courgettes planted.

Further work has also been done on the 'to rent' house.

All in all a good days work and we still have one more day of the weekend left.


A Green and Rosie Life said...

Don't forget to have a rest too ;-)

Rosie x

Marianne said...

That is an amazing amount of chores to get done. Where did the nap fall in?

I was wondering what part of the UK you are in. It's one of my favorite places to visit.

Now you've motivated me to get outside and get some more work done. Thank you. Marianne

Sandra said...

Hi Marianne we live in South Devon and after a miserable winter and spring the sun has just decided to make an appearance, hence the sudden enthusiasum : )

Today we concentrated on the garden at home but with plenty of coffee breaks.

Marianne said...

I have read both of David Kennard's books. Much seems to have changed for him since his first book, but many a night was spent by this wanna-be shepherd, in my 1st farmhouse, reading by candlelight in my old claw foot tub, dreaming of raising sheep in such a beautiful place as Devon.