Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow and livestock

This morning we had the covering of snow that we were expecting. I had woken at three concerned for our very poorly old cat that I can't help worrying about and heard the icy snow against the windows. When I looked outside the ground was already blanketed in snow. For a moment I felt the excitement I did as a child....then I worried about the sheep, the frozen water supply and hoping the said cat didn't decide to venture outside.

Just before seven we headed out to see to the sheep and geese, they are kept about two miles from home.The road from home to the main road was unsalted and slippery to say the least.When we got to the village we were unable to get the car up the lane so had to leave it in the car park and walk the short distance.

The water buckets and ponds were absolutely solid - again, but we made sure all had water, unfortunately there was no way the geese were going to be able to have their ponds defrosted and refilled.

Whitestripe did make an effort to eat some oats though which was really good (and she had more this evening).

When I got home I let the chickens out.The first came barging out as usual, the second made a cartoon stop half way down the ramp on seeing 'the white stuff ' but fell off and decided as she was out she may as well stay, the other two took one look at the snow and made a joint decision to stay in the house until the grass was green again!

It has snowed on and off all day and I think we are in for more of the same over the next couple of days...how I long for a day when the outside taps are no longer frozen and the alternative isn't rain.

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