Monday, 2 February 2009

No snow - no water

As expected...(in fairness) also as forecast we missed the snow, but woke instead to yet another bitterly cold morning with all the taps, water buckets and ponds frozen - even the tap and auto drinker in the stable. We finally managed to break the ice and refill some of the buckets, so all the livestock had at least some water.This procedure was repeated at lunch time and again just now, another check will be made later.

Despite the cold it has been quite sunny.The dog managed to find a small patch of warmth from the sun shining through the sitting room window to sleep in, only to be rudely woken by the cat swiping his nose and stealing his place in the sun.

The hens are happier now the wind has dropped, but it has been four days since they have laid. I really must start looking around for some POL.

I am still not happy with one of my sheep, she is thin and not interested in concentrates and just not herself. She is eating plenty of hay, what grass there is and plants from the hedgerow, she is also drinking well but she's not right. I have spoken to my vet friend again, we are going to give her a long term (5 day) antibiotic injection and muti vit.jab x 2 and try her on oats. Later we will try her again with another fluke much for as natural rearing as possible!
If she is in lamb they are due in just over 8 weeks, I am really hoping she's not. The other is a picture of health, big, strong, greedy, feisty, everything you would look for in a sheep.Hopefully she will have big healthy twins, give birth by herself and be a brilliant mum, as last year.

Just need to get Whitestripe ( she was named by a five year old boy ) back to her usual self.

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