Monday, 13 September 2010

Fruit and veg.

The harvesting of fruit and veg feels relentless. I shouldn't complain, the garden has done exceptionally well and the freezer and store shelves are rapidly filling. My days are spent harvesting, cooking, pickling and freezing.

The garden
is beginning to slow a little. If the weather stays fine we should have a second crop of runner beans. The courgettes have taken on a new lease of life after a short rest and there are still several rows of late sown beetroot to come for pickling. The squash are filling out nicely. We still have leeks, sprouts, carrots and parsnips to look forward to and the space left by the onions and beans will be filled with overwintering caulis.

Most of the outdoor tomatoes have finished but there are still plenty in the greenhouse and the peppers are beginning to ripen.

The Autumn raspberries have been amazing in their first year, enough for eating fresh and for freezing.

Next in line ...apples.

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