Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Today we collected the meat from the butchers. As Fred was over a year old I guess it is hogget rather than lamb. Apparently (I don't eat lamb) the meat is lovely, it was leg steaks for tea tonight, but no stronger than the lamb of previous years, which is bit surprising as Fred was an entire ram.

The weight was 25.3 kg. the lambs usually return between 19 - 20kg. so not a great deal more.

We had the meat butchered at the abattoir rather than by a local butcher, this time. It was a good enough job but obviously not cut by hand as there was bone dust on the various joints and chops, we also had to pack it ourselves even though we asked for it to be vacuum packed. Despite this we would probably use them again.

So the freezer is now full and the paddock less so.

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A Green and Rosie Life said...

Sandra - I am Sooooooo jealous of your oven. I had to leave mine in the UK and miss it lots. The lamb looks good too.