Wednesday, 12 May 2010

So cold

This morning we woke to yet another hard frost, hard enough to turn the grass white and crunchy. I know the occasional snowfall isn't unheard of in this part of the country in May, an extreme example was in 1996 when the annual
Ten Tors challenge was prematurely ended on the Sunday and many teams were airlifted off the moors.
However this year the low temperatures have covered such a long period of time. Everything in the vegetable garden is behind. The potatoes, onions and shallots are fairing the best.
My main concern is the lack of grass. It is growing but so slowly. Usually at this time of year the grass grows faster or at least as quick as the sheep can eat it. When I move them onto a fresh area, the area that they leave is usually ready for their return sooner than they have finished the new field.. not so this year.

To help elevate the situation I was hoping to book Fred into the abattoir as soon as possible, unfortunately it won't be until 15th June, a month away and every day the lambs grow and so does the demand on the grass.


A Green and Rosie Life said...

It's exactly the same here. We didn't have the frost last night but may get one tonight and I got hailed on walking the dogs this morning. Luckily a friend is letting the sheep graze his orchard as we wait for our grass to grow but if this dry weather continues we will have to reduce our numbers of sheep. As for the veggies - they are so behind too. I don't think I have ever known such a cold May.

Anonymous said...

actually lit the fire yesterday... daft eh...

Cynlas said...

Cold here, and very little rain, so not ideal for the beans and peas I over-enthusiastically planted. Hope your grass gets going soon

Sandra said...

Our broads beans have pretty much stood still since we planted them out,as for seeds in the greenhouse...this is the first year I've struggled with tomatoes !

I hope your veg does well you worked so hard with all those plants..I love your photo of them all.