Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Freezing weather but plenty of eggs

The freezing weather has made a come back. For the past couple of mornings we have woken once again to white fields and hard ground. The car windscreen and door locks have been frozen, so have the water buckets, ponds and taps. We have returned to the morning ritual of breaking a hole in the ice of the water butts, with a hammer, making it just large enough to fill the buckets.We are also checking the drinking water throughout the day to make sure it hasn't frozen over.

The chickens although not happy about the frozen ground are becoming accustomed to it and enjoy the 'green treats' I give them to replace the lack of grass. They are laying extremely well with two more of the pullets coming into lay. Today I sold a dozen eggs to a new customer. We still have plenty left though and I need to find new ways of using them or better still find new customers.
The sheep are spending more time in the stable eating hay but I'm happy with that, it is better than it being wet and the grass being poached.
The cats are feeling their age and are spending more time indoors by the fire. Even Lucy, who was rescued from an outbuilding on Dartmoor as a kitten and prefers to spend her life outdoors has ventured in.
It has been a long winter with more to come, yet I have to remind myself that compared to everywhere else we really have had it very easy.


A Green and Rosie Life said...

Ice and eggs here too :-)

Rosie x

Anonymous said...

lots of eggs here too - I'd better start selling them again i guess

Sandra said...

10 today :) and two new customers. 1/2 doz eggs booked for Monday.I'll just start to get regular orders and the hens will stop laying.