Thursday, 28 January 2010

First of 52

....well sort of !

At the start of the New Year Colour it Green listed one of her aims for 2010 was to cook 52 new recipes. The challenge was taken up by several other bloggers including Rosie. I too thought it would be fun. However January has almost gone and in a couple of days it will be February and my idea of one new recipe a week hasn't materialised.
I do cook the majority of meals from scratch using our home grown meat and veg. It's just I'm useless at using recipes and tend to just 'throw' together whatever ingredients we have at the time, but with only 3 days of January remaining I thought I had better make an effort.
I decided on soup ....I do make soup regularly, usually any vegetables lying around, cooked with various seasoning and whizzed. Today I flicked through several cook books and Pumpkin soup caught my eye. ..... the recipe called for a pumpkin ( well yes) , as I didn't have a pumpkin I used butternut squash, this was a little smaller than mentioned so instead of one carrot I used two, as I had no ground ginger I used freshly grated, my sage plant has died and I had no dried leaves, so they were can see where I'm going with this. The end result was a lovely creamy, tasty soup...a new recipe ? sort of !
Afterwards I made a huge pan of winter vegetable soup from all the odds and ends of the sorry looking veg left in the vegetable rack. Old habits die hard.
I will try harder ....promise !


A Green and Rosie Life said...

Good luck - "sorry looking veg" soup is a favourite here too but I did make celeriac and blue cheese from a recipe and it was yummy.

Rosie x

Sandra said...

It does sound nice. I've never tried celeriac but understand it taste similar to celery and celery and blue cheese is good.