Friday, 22 January 2010

The bug patrol

After heavy rain throughout the night and most of this morning it was good this afternoon to spend time outdoors, not that I did anything productive. I spent the last hour of daylight in a supervisory role. I had decided and
almost managed to persuade my husband that it would do both the hens and the garden good if they were allowed out for a scratch around. They do have a large pen and it still has a good covering of grass, it's just looking a little tired and just on the other side of their gate is fresh grass, masses of weeds and plenty of bugs.
The first to venture out was the young Australorp, she really is fearless, the others cautiously followed. One of the cats watched with interest but after a stern ticking off by the Ixworth she kept her distance. It didn't take the hens long to make full use of their newly found freedom. Some scratched the ground looking for hidden bugs, others pecked at seed heads and weeds, while a few were just content to enjoy the fresh grass. None however showed too much interest in the vegetable patch preferring instead my flower border, not quite the plan, but I guess there are bugs to be eaten there as well and there isn't too much they can damage.
As they were so well behaved and took themselves back to their pen as the light faded I think they will be allowed out again, at least until we start sowing seeds.

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