Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Like winter

It's like winter this morning - constant rain, cold and dark. I think we have had enough rain now. I know it was only a few weeks ago we were praying for rain, but enough is enough. I guess the saying 'be careful what you wish for' comes to mind.

I don't mind the heavy summer showers. I know they can be quite damaging to plants and in the worst cases cause landslides and flooding, but with just the ordinary quick sharp summer showers you can at least get work done in between.

Today's rain ( actually all night as well ) is miserable. The hens were reluctant to come out of the house first thing and when they did they dived straight underneath it for shelter. The sheep were all in the stable, the pigs in their ark, in fact the only animals that appeared oblivious to the rain were the geese.
I added extra bedding to the ark, much to the pigs delight, also to the stable. It was strange having to turn the stable light on to enable me to see at this time of the year.

At home there is wet washing everywhere. The floors are wet from both animals and humans and the cats and dog are all bedraggled, sulking and giving me looks as if though the rain is my fault.

Tonight the utility room will be full of dripping coats and muddy boots.

The start of the school holidays and Kingsbridge Fair Week, what did I expect.

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Anonymous said...

gah its horrid ... and i said 'yay, rain' when it started. enough already!

im even wearing a jumper.. for goodness sake...