Sunday, 19 July 2009

Home grown

Tonight we had the last of the pork - belly pork with freshly picked turnips, carrots, potatoes, french beans and broad beans. Typically just as the veg in the garden is producing sufficient for us not to have to buy any ( other than onions ours aren't quite ready yet.) we run short of meat.

We do have the trotters and hocks of the pork left, oh and a few packs of sausage meat, also a few lamb chops and some lamb mince but that is all until at least September / October.

There is still a whole turkey, some pheasant, mackerel, scallops and crab in the freezer, so not completely without ingredients for meals just no roasting joints and there are always eggs, I guess.

Next year we will hopefully time it so that we have both meat and veg available at the same time and if all goes to plan fruit as well.

Unfortunately the garden isn't big enough to grow sufficient to feed five adults and have surplice to freeze but we are really enjoying eating home grown vegetables again, while it lasts.

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