Thursday, 23 July 2009

Like mother, like daughter

I say daughter...I may well be wrong !

Today, as it has finally stopped raining, for now at least, I gave Sylvia the mother hen back her dust bath ( an old kitchen drawer full of fine soil ). She was delighted and took advantage of it immediately, forgetting for a few moments that she was mother of two and thoroughly indulged herself in the delights of a bath. Until that was the yellow chick thought she would join in the fun. It was lovely to watch her copying her mother and slowly changing from a yellowy/white to red, from the soil. I must admit there were a few anxious moments when I was convinced she would surely be flattened by her mother, who in a state of trance seemed oblivious to her.
The other chick watched on in complete bewilderment, not quite understanding the attraction of covering oneself in mud.

I never tire of watching hens and they are even more compelling when they have young chicks.

The rest of the flock are fine. The hens are laying well, the growers have settled into their new routine at the yard and the Light Sussex chicks are becoming even more stunning, although I think my 'trio' may well now consist of two cockerels and a hen. A shame really but there you go.

The turkeys are growing by the day. They are at the stage where they could do with more space and interest but really do need one more week with access to heat before being moved to the stable.

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Anonymous said...

they are so entertaining - i spose thats why I worry.. if i didn't like them i wouldn't be bothered. but i get a lot of enjoyment out of watching my flock.

i miss the red earth. when we moved just a bit slightly more north.. we now have brown mud... its not the same...