Saturday, 16 May 2009

Wet and Windy

So much of what we managed to achieve over the weekend depends on the weather. The weather over the last couple of weeks has really set us back.Today has been quite cold with strong winds and blustery showers. I had hoped to get the chicks out in their run for a few hours today. They are now 4 weeks old and still under heat in the garage. Although we have been raising the heat lamp at regular intervals it will be good to get them outside in the fresh air. Next weekend the other eggs are due to hatch and I would like to use the same brooder if possible.The chicks are growing well but I still can't be sure what ratio of cocks to hens I have.

Photo: Cock?
Photo: Hen?

Because the weather forecast is bad for the next few days I spent this afternoon whitewashing the stable so we can home the weaners in there for a few days. They are used to being outdoors but as the ark is large and there are only four of them we thought it would be less stressful in the stable. It will also mean they can get use to us without bolting straight through the electric fencing. I think we are ready for them. The feeder and water trough have been scrubbed with Virkon, we have bought their food - sow and weaner pellets and rolled barley. Their owner will bring a bucket of their own food with them so the change over of diet can be gradual. We have bought a spare battery for the fencing, any sign of the power weakening we can change it - we have it on good authority that Tamworths are great escape artist and we don't plan to leave anything to chance !
Anything else we need we can get as and when. Just need the pigs now !

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