Sunday, 24 May 2009

The best laid plans of mice and men

Photo: New shearling...yet to be named...Shropshire x Jacob. Looks uncannily like Kiwi the Suffolk x Zwartbles lamb that kept Annie company until she lambed.

After such a good start to the 'to do list' yesterday, today our plans have been altered. We bought a shearling ewe, to replace Whitestripes, several weeks ago, but delayed collecting her until we had the pigs. Last night we had a phone call to say today would be a good day to collect her, so this morning was spent mending the trailer lights and this afternoon fetching her and then of course watching her settle in etc. Most of the day now seems to have gone with very little achieved. It is also too hot to do very much, although more rotavating is being done ...not by me !


Anonymous said...

snap. :D
uncanny amount we have in common...

Sandra said...

: ) I've pretty much just written the same thing on your blog.