Monday, 2 November 2009

Reducing livestock numbers

It has suddenly become very quiet at home and at the yard. Our livestock numbers are dwindling. First it was the ewes, off on their annual holiday to visit the ram. They will be away until Christmas.

Then at the weekend we finally dispatched the three Light Sussex hens that were the geriatric gang. They are missed, the layers pen seems very empty without them, but having to explain, to our lovely neighbours, that 'no we don't have a cockerel, it's the hen crowing !' would have caused too much confusion. They needed to go, age had caught up with them.
This morning the two Tamworth gilts went to the abattoir. They loaded and unloaded really well, bless them. So much so that we were on our way home by 6.30 !
Finally Alfie, the lamb is booked in for next Monday. Leaving us with only the poultry- oh and Fred.

It works well for us reducing the livestock numbers over the winter. We have a very limited amount of land and this way we are able to rest it at a time when it could easily become poached.

The turkeys will go at Christmas, leaving the stable available for the ewes to lamb in and the grass in the Fowls' run fresh and clean.

All in all I think we have worked out a very managable regime, allowing us to keep a variety of stock, healthy and happy on limited land that is never overstocked, over grazed or 'sick'.

It is very strange without them all though!


Anonymous said...

now it must seem like winter :)

Sandra said...

It does ! I lit both the wood burners at lunchtime as well.

But now I have the poultry breeding plans to put into action so not all gloom.