Saturday, 23 May 2009


After a week of being confined to the stable the weaners finally got to run free ( Well as far as the electric fence would allow them).They relished their freedom, racing around the ark and squealing with delight. They don't seemed to have stopped grazing all day ! Non of the previous weaners I've had have grazed, they all rooted. Maybe, just maybe the run will stay green for a while longer this time.They have reorganised the straw in the ark to their satisfaction and have made good use of the old apple branch-rubbing post. Let's just hope they are still within the confines of the fence when we arrive first thing tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hello. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The pigs look very pleased to be out and about! Tamworths are such a lovely colour.

Sandra said...

They are lovely, they glisten in the sun. I was just admiring your first harvest...a good feeling isn't it.