Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Planning ahead

I have decided some of the geese are will be sad but practical. I have mentioned them on a forum and will advertise them in the local ag. merchants on Saturday.It does make sense to cut back.My son is going to fence off an area of the paddock for a couple of bee hives and I really do want to breed turkeys and hopefully some poultry and we don't have alot of space...only an acre.

When I describe the land, I refer to it as the paddock, orchard and fowl all sounds very grand.( it isn't !! ) The land we own is attached to my husband's family home and builder's yard.It has been in the family for about 100 years (and changed very little).It is only a small end terrace house and the land is known generally as the platt.It has always had animals and poultry of some description on it. The area referred to as the fowl run is actually mentioned on the deeds as such.The paddock is a small fenced off area and the orchard closest to the house only has an old apple tree and two old plum trees in it....but I like it.There is so much that needs doing to get it looking how I would really like( removing all the old fencing for a start ) but that's part of the 'fun'. For various reason the land was left unused for about ten years and we have only just started to make full use of it again but I do have plans.


Anonymous said...

sounds familiar - we have grand names for small areas too.

good luck with the geese plans.

A Green and Rosie Life said...

Same here!! I suppose we have about an acre of livestock land which at the moment has 4 sheep and 9 chickens on it. We also have a chicken free field for when we get the turkeys later in the year and an area ear-marked for a natural swimming pool but going to be home to pigs in the meantime. We would dearly love another bit of land, she says looking longingly at the field next door.....

Rosie x