Friday, 30 January 2009


I never got around to writing the blog last night. I looked after my friend's children after school for a couple of hours, cooked a meal and then watch Jamie Olivers's programme on pigs and relaxed (maybe a little too much) with a bottle of wine.
As we sat and watched the programme we couldn't but help think we really are on the right track.

Since we started using the land again we have reared two batches of pigs. We aim to rear a batch a year, buying them in at approx.8 weeks taking two up to pork weight and two onto bacon weight.

So far it has worked really well. I have worked with pigs before, which helped, but they are so easy to look after .They like their warmth and comfort, an ark full of straw is ideal, they like a routine as far as meals are concerned and will let you know if you are late ! treats are always acceptable, plenty of water is essential, as is shade and a wallow in the summer.Other than that plenty of land to race around and to root about in, something to rub against and they are happy.Company and a good scratch is always welcome.

They repay you with hours of amusement, land freshly turned ready, after a bit of work, for reseeding ( another of our reasons for getting them ) and at the end pork like you've never tasted before.


Anonymous said...


I might have to bend your ear about good places to get weaners from...some time off in the future...

Sandra said...

Sourcing weaners locally has been our main problem.We really don't want to travel too far to get them and there doesn't seem to be many around here.

Rather than choose a breed we would ideally like we tend to get what is avaiable.