Monday, 26 January 2009

A frustrating day

It's been a frustrating day, today. I have been cold and unable to get warm all day.Outside is grey and miserable and there is little work I can get done on my own.The ground is too wet to garden and besides it is a little too early in the year to do much.The greenhouse staging has been bleached and scrubbed and the seed trays washed, I was hoping to paint the metal frame for the staging but couldn't find the right paint.

The blood test results for my sheep came back as trace element deficiencies now we assume fluke may be the cause of her lack of condition.Hopefully the injection has done it's job but we will take a dung sample to be tested to make sure and then I guess it's just a case of extra TLC.

Housework, by no means could I be considered as houseproud....but when the dog walks muddy footprints right through the 'just cleaned ' house and is intent on covering every last patch !!!

The day did get better just after lunch.The two books I ordered from Amazon arrived,so rather lazily I have spent the last couple of hours reading ( researching !! ) up on turkey breeding.


Anonymous said...

excellent - you learn all about it.. then I can ask you questions!

you raised turkeys before - did you keep the separate from the other birds ?

Sandra said...

We raised 4 commerical white turkey poults that we bought in at 7 weeks for Christmas just gone.Best thing we have ever done...maybe on par with the pigs.They have huge characters and were no trouble.We did keep them seperate,but only because of how the set up was.I think if you keep everything regularly wormed blackhead isn't too much of a problem.This year we are hoping to hatch eggs from a more traditional breed and then next year breed from a trio we hope to keep...that's the plan :)

Congrats on the egg selling,I have never sold anything, swapped and given away but selling is my next aim.Good for you!