Thursday, 15 July 2010

Rain and Gales

It feels so much longer than 4 days since I last posted.... a funny old week so far.

The rain did arrive...eventually. We have had several days now of wet weather. The vegetable garden is flourishing and the water in the pond is gradually rising to an acceptable level. The failed bog garden could almost be described as 'boggy'. The grass I would like to say is growing, but slowly turning green again would be the best description I could give. It suffered so badly beforehand that it will take more than a few showers for it to show any improvement.

Unfortunately the rain has been accompanied by strong winds..up to gale force predicted for this afternoon. Several plants have taken a battering, the runner beans now in full flower in particular.

The wet weather has encouraged the hens to lay in the house again, so egg numbers are on the increase.

The only thing I need to remember is to water the greenhouse. A roof similar to the one at Wimbledon would be useful but in reverse, so when it rained all I would need to do would be to roll back the roof.


Cabbage Tree Farm said...

I know the feeling. We had a similar time here over our summer.
Your veg garden seems to be doing OK though.

Sandra said...

I've almost had enough rain now!! Last night the bottom of the town flooded, a combination of torrential rain and high tides.

The veg garden has almost doubled in growth the past few days and the grass is getting green :)