Friday, 31 July 2009

Bees in the garden..

A small nuc. box temporarily placed and secured on a chair- out of the reach of the hens.

Flowering herbs are amongst the most popular of flowers for bees.

....well the chicken run to be more precise. It's only for a short while but it is nice having them. Almost as much a time waster as the hens.

It's a small nucleus box with a few frames and a newly introduced queen. The frames of bees were taken from the hive at the yard, so it needed to be moved to prevent the bees flying back to the old hive. Ideally the distance should be three miles as that is the distance bees will travel to forage.

The queen arrived in the post a couple of days ago, in a Butlers cage, accompanied by a few worker bees to feed her. This morning the workers were destroyed and she was placed, still in her cage into the nuc. box. The cage will protect her from the new bees, for a few days, until they accept her. Once the candy that is blocking the entrance of the cage has been eaten she can escape, all should be well and hopefully she will start to lay.

The back flower border has always been known as the butterfly and bee border as most if not all the plants in it have been chosen as they are attractive to bees, butterflies and moths.

Today it lived up to its name as the new honey bees happily buzzed from flower to flower.

It will be a shame when they are returned to the yard.

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Michelle said...

I didn't realise they would forage as far as 3 miles away from their hive! Wow!