Monday, 27 September 2010

A week without rain

... that is all we wanted. The sheep are due to go to the abattoir on Friday, a dry week would be ideal but no, the forecast is for it to be very wet throughout the week with a severe weather warning of rain and gales on Friday.

So this evening was spent clearing out one of the work sheds in the yard. The power barrow, saw bench, scaffold tower and various 'bits and bobs' were relocated and a temporary mesh door was made. Tomorrow straw will be scattered on the earth floor and hay nets and water buckets provided ready for the sheep. Hopefully they will be happy in their new temporary home.

Due to the forecast I have also returned the broody hen and her chicks to the pen in the poultry shed. Cold is fine, to a degree, but cold and wet can be a lethal combination for little ones.

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