Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Entropion in lambs

Today my friend/vet came back to check on Freda and to see Annie's little one, or maybe not so little. On, said friend, entering the stable all I heard was " Sandra she is HUGE ! " So maybe I was justified in giving Annie at little helping hand to bring her lamb into the world.

Unfortunately it seems Annie's lamb has entropion (turned in lower eye lids ) in both eyes, causing them to continuously weep. I have been rolling the lower eyelid out hoping this will help the condition to correct itself. Sometimes it works, sometimes in a few days as the lamb develops a pad of fat under the lid it does corrects itself. If by Thursday I see no improvement in the condition the lamb will be injected with 1ml of penicillin under each eyelid. I just hope it sorts itself before then.

Entropion is thought to be genetic and so breeding from sheep with this condition is not recommended. As this lamb is destined for the freezer, as long as it rights itself for welfare issues, it isn't a problem. Also as Annie has had three previous lambs without the condition I am confident that I can still breed from her. Interestingly we used a different ram this year.

As for Freda she is fine now, no sign of a limp. If it was her feet or nerve weakness from having the lambs, I don't know, what matters is that she looks a lot more comfortable than she did a couple of days ago.

Now if only the rain would stop both ewes and lambs could go outside..I think they may tomorrow regardless.


A Green and Rosie Life said...

I do hope the eye recovers naturally. Droopy Drawers was lame today but just as I went to catch her she seemed better. I suspect mud between her toes.

Rosie x

Sandra said...

Thanks ...fingers crossed it will. the alternative doesn't sound very pleasant.

The ground is so soft with all the rain, it sounds the most likely cause. Pleased she seems better.

Anonymous said...

hope the eyes do sort themselves - seem to remember soemthing about a stitch being put into place?

Sandra said...

Thanks, the left eye appears fine now but the right is still weeping. We are manipulating it 3 - 4 times a day. Hopefully this will be enough, if not then we will try the injection after that the staple/clip or stitch. It shouldn't come to that...I hope ! in herself she is fine bouncing around and desperate to play with the other lambs.