Friday, 23 September 2011

Racing away

The year is racing ahead, leaving us standing in it's trail. Days quickly become months and little appears to have been achieved. The 'to do list' gets longer and longer.

Nature however has the habit of 'carrying on' as normal with or without our input.

The lambs have grown very well despite our worries of the inadequate amount of grass. They are now ready to be sent off as soon as I can organise dates.

A few weeks ago we took the ewes to a friends. A yearly event, firstly to wean the lambs and secondly for the ewes to run with the ram later in the year. It also gives our land a chance to rest.

We had decided not to lamb the ewes next year, however my friend has asked if she could 'use' Annie, the Zwartbles. So we may have a complete year sheep free as she will keep both ewes on her small holding until Annie is weaned in 2012.
It will be strange, but good as we have limited land and a year completely free of livestock will help to break any parasitic burden.

The fruit garden has been very productive, the Autumn raspberries have been outstanding and the strawberries are producing a second, smaller crop.

The potatoes survived the blight as we were quick to cut back all the foliage, thankfully it never reached the tomatoes.

The shallots and onions have done far better than we deserve, as they were completely neglected and hard to find amongst the weeds.

On the 'must do' list for the following months are the hedges and the compost/muck heap. Also we must replace the fence between Fred's ground and the Fowls run. It has been on the 'to do' list for a while but this morning one of the lambs broke through making it a priority.

The poultry have done extremely well this year, possibly where most of my time has been spent, but worth it as the flocks are beginning to become established.

I have further plans for next year, but as the year comes to an end it becomes apparent that despite all our plans, achievements and the lack of, nature continues pretty much on course.


A Green and Rosie Life said...

Sounds like a good year. Animals and birds have done well here as has fruit and some veg but let's not mention blight or my disastrous onion harvest. We also have plans to that seem to stay with us from one year to the next but looking back we have also achieved so much. Still have loads to do though and I know I must start reducing stock numbers soon. Ho hum - time to get off here and get something done then. Have a great week-end - Rosie xx

Anonymous said...

I have found it very ressuring have life marches on regardless this year. This year hasn't done too bably but I have so many plans for next year and it hard feels like I've started on this year yet, surely it can only like May?!?!?

Sandra said...

@ alifelesssimple - I think we have had similar experiences this past year and the old saying 'life goes on' however trite it may sound is true and reassuring but I wish it would slow down a little, I too feel as if the year has only just started not almost come to an end. Oh well there is always next year :-)

Take care.