Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Long Weekend

Another bank holiday, so an extra day to the weekend and we managed to get a good amount done. We even managed a day away visiting my parents on Portland. It was lovely to see them and gave us a break from the usual livestock, garden, house renovation routine. Although the livestock needed tending to before and after our visit.

The rain forecast for overnight Friday and Saturday and again for Monday amounted to nothing more than a shower, barely dampening the ground. Unfortunate as we do desperately need the rain, but it did mean we were able to do more to the garden and greenhouse and also yet again have a major reorganisation of the poultry.

From first light this morning until about 10.30 we had a good steady downpour. It meant I got soaked feeding all the livestock, none of whom are very impressed with the weather and also the shearing will have to be delayed, but the pond level is rising, the water butts are becoming full again and I swear the grass is getting greener by the minute.

This has been our worst year for shortage of grass, especially at this time of year. We have less stock on the land than previous years, less lambs, less geese and no pigs but still we are struggling. The grass just isn't growing quick enough, normally when we move the sheep from one area to the next, the old area quickly greens up ready for them to go back onto as soon as they need to, not this year, we are still offering the sheep hay.

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