Friday, 12 February 2010

Eggs for sale

We have too many...if that is possible and I'm beginning to think it is!

I am getting between 8 and 12 a day from 15 hens and it's still only winter. I thought the
chicken shuffle would slow them down a little but it doesn't appear to have done so. I am selling a few and giving many away - 4 dozen so far this week. I am cooking, baking and boiling but the 'mountain' doesn't seem to be getting any smaller. The time has come to put a sign on the gate -* Eggs for Sale *
It's not something I have done before and I'm a little hesitant..... will anyone want them, will they be good enough, will I have enough if people do want to buy them, do I want strangers coming to the door, will they be put off by the dog barking?

Maybe I will try selling them by word of mouth first, also soon I shall start setting some so there will be less to sell.
Those that have bought them have loved the pretty shells - speckled Welsummer and blue from the Legbar being the favourites. They also love the deep yellow yolks and the idea of the eggs coming from well cared for free range hens, so maybe I should 'bite the bullet' and fix the sign to the gate !


Anonymous said...

i stuck the sign up in the window again. I enjoy selling them :) - and my son sold a doz whilst we were out this morning :)

what you might find is you get a few regulars.. so wont need the sign, you can just let them know when you have eggs galore again

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't work out, you can always take the sign down again :)

Sandra said...

CIG - do you advertise your eggs as Free range ?

Just trying to put together a sign.