Monday, 15 February 2010

Chicken buying

Where do I start ? ...... so much to say! We finally got away at the weekend to Hereford- chicken buying.

It was lovely to be away from it all just for a short while. I even wore a skirt Saturday evening for first time in well over a year !

The coutryside around Hereford is beautiful, not a place we have been before but definately somewhere we
would like to go again, with more time to explore.

CastleFarm's place is amazing - Chicken heaven - both for poultry and humans alike. He has so many breeds and I managed to show my igornance by being unable or wrongly identifying several. He was almost gentlemanly enough not to laugh at my mistakes.
His knowledge of poultry is outstanding, the kind that only comes from years of experience and I could easily have stayed forever absorbing it all. The birds, without exception, were in excellent condition.

Did I come away with the birds I went for ?.......almost !!!

I am now the proud owner of a Dark Indian Game cockerel and two Light Indian Game pullets. I was so tempted by his Welsh black Cockerels that I nearly wavered and had one instead ...if only I had more room I would certainly have a flock of Welsh Black fowls as table birds. ....stunning birds and huge.

I also have a beautiful Gold Duckwing Welsummer cockerel, who leaped into action within 30 seconds of release much to the surprise of the poor unsuspecting hen!

The 'almost' part is the Welsh Black pullet I had planned to buy. I do now have a Welsh Black - but she is a two year broody hen, two weeks into sitting on a clutch of nine Exchequer Leghorn eggs !!!

More details and photos to follow.

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