Thursday, 11 February 2010


We are away this weekend and the youngest two are caring for the livestock. I have been trying to write a list of feeds, chores etc. and was surprised at how hard I found it. So much of what I do is routine, for example Fred gets fed in the stable whilst the two ewes are fed in the paddock, the paddock gate needs to be closed otherwise Annie will unlatch the gate into the Fowls run, a trick she learnt a while ago. Once Fred has finished the stable needs to be left open so they can access the hay and stable door latched back, again to block the latch of the Fowls run gate.
If the geese are fed and their water changed whilst the sheep are feeding it saves having to battle through the gate and the sheep escaping.
The water bucket takes the same amount of time to fill as measuring out the
chicken feed, so saving time standing around. The stable and yard can been cleaned whilst the goose pond fills with fresh water. Nothing of importance if done in a different way but a routine that has developed to save time and make life easier.
Also feed quantities; The ewes food is measured as they are being step fed, so that's easy enough but Fred has 'about that much', the geese and hens have a similar quantity.

I am sure all will be fine, we will see to the livestock Saturday morning and again Sunday evening so a little extra or less feed will do them no harm and if the sheep escape they come re
adily to a shake of a bucket.

Photo:Fred, Freda & Annie


Anonymous said...

im sure they will be fine :)

when is Annie due to lamb?

Sandra said...

: ) The kids or the livestock? Did you detect a hint of anxiety in my post?

Earliest date for Annie and Freda is 6 weeks from today. They are beginning to look in lamb (I hope)

No joy with yours yet ? did you put the ewe lamb to the ram ?

Anonymous said...

nothing doing. they dont even bother to get up when i visit them now...

Arabella was in with the ram, but he paid her no attention (or so we believe.) i think unfortunately, the ram is getting on a bit, and not that great at his job anymore..

Sandra said...

Won't be long now for Saffie now, other years just as you really start to worry they produce :)