Monday, 13 July 2009

Latest hatch

Although the least successful, the best so far. There is something rather nice about seeing a mother hen with her chicks. Today Sylvia gave up on the last two eggs and decided to concentrate on her two little ones - there were three but the last to hatch we found dead in the nest, fully dried. Most likely squashed whilst she attended to the others.
She has been a brilliant broody only to be let down by us.

This is more than likely our last hatch of the year. Not a huge success but a lot of experienced gained and lessons learnt. So looking forward to next year with more confidence.

Yesterday the oldest chicks, now 12 weeks old were moved to the yard, so are now officially our growers. After a nervous start they seem happy in their new environment. Although last night we did have to lift each one individually and put them into the hen house, as they had all snuggled down in their food shelter.Of the seven Welsummer (1 cock 6 hens) there are at least three nice pullets I might keep and the Speckled Sussex are tempting. The remainder if not sold will go in the freezer.

The second hatch, now 7 weeks are smashing. If they turn out to be the 1 cockerel and 2 hens, I think they are and if good to form I will keep all three for breeding. The mystery chick, now almost certainly a Light Brahma will stay if a girl.

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Anonymous said...

oh they do look good. I agree, chicks seem happier and do better under a broody.