Monday, 15 June 2009

Scallops & Mackerel

Following on from 'home grown' - what we aren't able to grow ourselves we can often barter for. This evening a friend dropped by, after diving, with a basket full of scallops. We normally swap them for meat but as the freezer is looking rather sparse and the pigs in the paddock are still growing he was happy to go away with a dozen eggs and an I.O.U.
With scallops, locally, selling at 50p each I have just 'sold' a dozen eggs for £24 !! the most expensive eggs I'm ever likely to sell.

The youngest son has been out fishing all evening, so along with scallops in the freezer we may have some more mackerel, the last catch is disappearing fast. ( he's just arrived home with 4 nice size fish )

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A Green and Rosie Life said...

Mmmmmm - mackerel and scallops - 2 of my favourites. Fish envy :-0

Rosie x