Friday, 12 June 2009

Miserable day

It's been a miserable day today, driving rain this morning now thick, wet fog. I can't even see as far as the bottom of the field.
This morning I pottered for a while in the greenhouse, planting up, tying up, pinching out and sowing. It was nice to feel as if though I was outdoors but still dry. I can really see the attraction of a poly tunnel, I could garden everyday despite the weather. Never likely to happen though too many other things on my wish list and absolutely no space for one.

We have started on the clearing and renovating of my late mother in laws house. I was going to keep this blog purely on the livestock and garden but as the house is going to take up an awful lot of our time and also has implications on how and where I keep my livestock I will more than likely be mentioning it in future entries.

It's so difficult sorting and clearing a house. You feel as if though it's your duty to dispose of everything in the right manner. At Christmas we cleared the obvious items, i.e anything that was of use or of sentimental value to ourselves we kept, other items we sent to charity, a few things to the tip or for recycling. We are now left with the furniture and items that we just don't know what to do with. Unfortunately there isn't an auction house that close to us, we did think about holding a house sale but it looks as if though ebay and freecycle are the way to go. We are still left, though, with items such as wedding cards and good luck charms, anniversary and birthday cards. It seems a shame to throw them out after they have been kept so carefully for over 50 years. So they will more than likely be boxed up and left in the attic (with instruction to throw out if not wanted !) for our children to sort out when the time comes. Talk about passing the buck !

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Anonymous said...

it's a difficult business isn't it - and it feels as though youa re prying too.
the sum of a person's lfie, told in ornaments, and things no longer wanted.