Sunday, 14 June 2009

Busy weekend

It feels as if though it's been a busy weekend with no time to stop. Our time as been divided between caring for the livestock, gardening at home and sorting out the house. Not our house unfortunately, although there is still an awful lot to be done, it will have to wait. For now we just seem to be adding to the chaos with boxes that need sorting.

The sheep have been treated with Blowfly repel, an organic spray to deter flies.They have recently been shorn and are very clean, so it is more a case of stopping the flies bothering them than anything else. The Orchard geese have been moved lock, stock and barrel ( well house, feeders and pond ) to the paddock with the sheep. All are getting along fine. Their house has been scrubbed and the grass topped. It will now be rested for a few weeks.

At home the front has been rotavated again and more buckets of stones picked up, plans for the pond and fruit bushes/trees discussed. The veg garden has been tended to with more plants added, others staked etc. I never did get around to strimming the grass and rain is forecast for tomorrow.

The chicks and chickens have been moved around, cleaned out etc. One of the Dorkings has finally gone broody, so decisions have been made about her.The turkey eggs candled, as there was a distinct smell of rotting eggs in the garage and the offending egg removed...eggs not looking too promising, possibly only 6 good ones remaining and still only half way !!

The house has been sorted, furniture freecycled etc. both bathrooms and the kitchen removed and tipped. The stair door and panelling taken out, hopefully now the bedroom furniture will come down the stairs.

Written down it doesn't look that much but we are both feeling dirty and tired. Still a few things to do then bath and bed.

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