Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wet days and pigs

Today we woke to thick driving rain. I hate it, if it's going to rain - then rain properly ! When the rain stopped mid afternoon it was cold or at least I was, but that could have something to do with getting wet through first thing, seeing to the livestock.
So most of today has been spent doing much needed housework.The house always looks a tip after a busy weekend outdoors.The rest of the day I have spent working out figures in regards to pigs. Buying in weaners once a year to fatten versus breeding our own and selling spare. I haven't got very far. I'm still at the how much do we save buying and fattening compared to buying pork direct from the butcher. Even with the high price of weaners and feed this year I think it's still worth doing. We probably do eat more meat than we would if we were buying it but we know where the meat comes from, how it was reared etc. and that was the main reason for fattening our own in the first place. It is also a lot of fun, the ground gets cleared and the meat tastes good.We could save money by doing more of the butchering side ourselves, especially the processing side, i.e sausages and bacon. That was our intention when we first started but we had family commitments then, which took much of our time.
As far as breeding our own go, that is a completely different ball game but one we would both like to do. It does need some serious consideration, space, commitment, cost, red tape...uuugh I don't know ! Maybe bought in weaners again this year and then we can go through all the what ifs again next year, when we struggle to find weaners locally.

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