Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Gardening with.....

...... a pet, well not really a pet, lamb is not unlike gardening with toddlers or a puppy. He didn't keep running off with the tools, like a puppy or need the toilet just as you were in the midst of planting, with grubby hands, like many a toddler but he did insist on tasting everything and came close to being squashed many times by standing so close to me I couldn't move. Apart from the time he ran off......straight across the veg patch. Not sure I will get away with passing his footprints off as the cats !
I did however manage to sow a few flower seeds, direct into the garden, dead head the bulbs and sow runner beans, courgettes, squash, cucumber and melon in the greenhouse. My previous attempt at sowing squash failed miserably and some of the courgettes are looking yellow...too wet or too early ?? Hopefully these will fair better.

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