Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Hail and Thunder

After a weekend of glorious spring like weather, today we have hail, thunder and lightning. I have to admit to turning the heating on.....just for a while ! We thought we had finished with the wood burner for the year, so all the firewood is at the yard 2 miles away!

The poor chickens aren't at all impressed, they have called a truce and are all huddled together under the hen house.The cats came flying through the cat flap with the first clap of thunder and the dog is trying to be brave. I am hoping Annie has the sense to take Alfie into the stable, not that they are spoilt sheep - oh no !

The geese are perfectly happy in this weather, it only seems to be windy weather that upsets them. I am trying to recall reading how thundery weather affects hatching eggs. I think it is in a positive way due to the increase in humidity... which would make sense.A little too early for mine.

Tomorrow I will stop turning them, will candle them, remove any non developers ( most I think !) and then add water to the tray to raise the humidity. I don't think many of the Speckled Sussexs have developed, the Welsummer are too dark to see. In a way I am hoping the Welsummer do well, then I will know the Sussex eggs themselves were at fault, if all fail I have messed up big time !

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Anonymous said...

it really chucked it down earlier eh?

I was out driving at the time.. but the roads instantly flooded.. there was so much rain coming down.

hope your eggs do hatch.