Thursday, 16 April 2009

I'm on my way .... making my first million !! Yesterday I sold 1/2 a dozen eggs for £1 with more on order ! How cool is that ? I have never sold eggs before, always just given them away to family and friends and as a peace offering when the hens escaped into neighbouring gardens when we lived in the old house.

I am also hoping to start breeding and selling poultry but at a later date, when I have established a good quality breeding group.

My first attempt at hatching eggs seems doomed, but in fairness it was meant as a trial run.
Today I stopped the automatic turner on the incubator, candled and removed the non goers and finally added extra water.

Of the Speckled Sussex only 4 out of the 12 are still in the incubator !! 1 was clear on the first candling at 7 days. The rest seemed to stop developing around the 8 - 10 day stage. (I removed them today )

As far as I can see of the Welsummer eggs 2 were clear at the first candling and the rest touch wood!!! seem OK. Still 3-4 days to go though.

So now the maximum I can expect is 14 the minimum 0 !!

The eggs were bought from a poultry auction, so in every way bought blind, not knowing the breeder, quality of stock, storage, transport etc. In which case, along side my inexperience I guess anything over 50% is OK....not the case with the Sussex though !

I will just have to wait and see and learn.

As they say..." no good counting your chickens before they hatch"


Anonymous said...

ah well they were a bargain - and you have sold eggs now - it feels great doesn't it! even better when people tell you how much they like the eggs.. everyone is a winner. i want more hens now :)

what breeds will you concentrate on?

Sandra said...

£1 does seem a little on the low side but it seems to be what people charge around here and it helps cover food costs.I would like more hens.....need them now!

Personally for us, utility breeds for meat such as Light Sussex, Indian Game, Silver Dorking.
For laying Welsummer are my favourite.
For the popular market not really sure, Orpingtons seem popular,Silver Wyndottes,Legbars.
All future plans I'm afraid...but one day.

Sandra said...

Sorry just re read your comment ....the hatching eggs were a bargin...they were so all is not lost.Just don't like to think I've messed up.

Anonymous said...

i like my mixed bunch - but if i jsut picked one breed it would be welsummer i love their eggs. i ought to concentrate on meat breed though if we are going to eat them... this first batch are mostly hybrid x welsummer.. and i dont think will get that big!

A Green and Rosie Life said...

I regularly sell eggs now - at a euro a half dozen which covers the feed costs of the layers. Veg sales are picking up now too (PSB, cress, chard and rhubarb this week) and on Thurs I bought in 8 chicks for fattening and am hoping I may be able to sell a couple. Some-one I met at the Boot Fair is interested in buying pork so all in all from having no animals less than a year a go we are rather pleased with our progress.

Just off to deliver another dozen eggs now and may take a few sticks of rhubarb and try to sell those too ;-)

Rosie x

Sandra said...

Gosh, you are doing really well with your sales. I am always surprised people are prepared to buy my produce, I worry it's not good enough ..silly I know !