Monday, 30 March 2009

Something is definately happening

Poor Annie just can't get comfy...

This morning she refused her concentrates.Her udder is fully distended now and the lambs have dropped.The poor girl is most uncomfortable, she is showing all the early signs of labour - flicking her tongue, curling her lips, stamping her feet and scraping the ground.

I have spent the day up the yard passing the time tidying the feed shed, untangling the electric wire for the pig fencing ( when does it tangle, we never put it away tangled ?) and cutting the remaining apple branches. No sign of lambs yet - so I have come home to make tea and catch up on a few things.I left the house at 7 a.m intending to return within the hour not 11 hours later.I will go back up again during the evening.

Hopefully she will lamb before the early hours.

Update: 11.00 pm check. She is contentedly munching hay, looking less like lambing than at any time during the day and happily came across for a scratch and head rub.

Will see what the next check brings but I'd be surprised if she lambs before the morning now.( famous last words )


Anonymous said...

yes she does look fed up. Looks like lambs soon. good luck!

Sandra said...

Thanks. Went up an hour ago and she did eat some sheep nuts but I still think she'll lamb soon....up again in a couple of hours.Fingers crossed she's started then.Don't fancy the early hours 2 mile hike...ooh to have land on the doorstep !!