Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Annie - Update

Nothing !!! Arrived early this morning to find her grazing happily. As soon as she saw me she came racing across for her concentrates, ate them as if though she hadn't eaten for a week and then contentedly stood by the gate chewing her cud.

She looks less like lambing now than she did last week. Maybe yesterday 'things' were just moving in readiness.

2.30 pm still nothing !

5.00 - 6.00 pm still nothing

8.00 ish check not really interested in her concentrates, little nervy more checks to follow !!

On the upside I got 3 eggs from the four elderly hens today and an attempt of an egg from one of the new Silver Dorking pullets!

10.30 check still nothing........maybe tomorrow


Anonymous said...

what do you think? sheep version of braxton hicks contractions or sheep humour?

hope she lambs soon!

Sandra said...

Being kind Braxton Hicks... but from the glint in her eye....

Just done the 8 ish check she only half heartedily picked at her food so another check in 2 - 3 hours and take it from there.