Sunday, 29 March 2009

Cuckoo in the nest

Well not quite....

Every year swallows nest in the feed shed - one either side of the beams and another in the corner opposite. This year however a wren has decided to 'go green and recycle ' !!

She is using one of the nests as her own, adapting it by 'recycling' the material from the other nest to construct the roof.

What the swallows will make of it I have no idea. Hopefully they will still nest in the building. Why they do I'm not sure, as it is constructed of iron sheets it gets very hot (we place insulation on the roof outside to prevent them over heating) and I am frequently in and out of shed for various things, so they are hardly left in peace, but it must suit them.

Photo: Recycled swallows nest a wren's


A Green and Rosie Life said...

As we will be starting work on the first gite soon, the swallows and martins won't be able to nest inside so we are looking to put up some nest platforms for them under the eaves.

And I have a wren who keeps getting in the polytunnel and frightening the life out of me when I open the door and it flaps about manically. For such a small bird it does a lot of flapping!

Rosie x

Sandra said...

: ) They also have a very loud alarm/warning call for something so tiny...they are lovely though.