Monday, 16 March 2009

Seed Diary update

The weekly seed diary update is simply for us to keep track of the seeds we have planted and how they have fared and I am sure of no interest to anyone please bear with me.

The broad beans are growing well, we started to harden them off over the weekend and will plant them out soon.

In the greenhouse:

The sweetpeas are beginning to look less straggly now more leaves are developing, although
not all the seeds germinated - I am sowing more today.

The radishes are looking sturdy and I have sown a second pot to follow on. The lettuces are also coming along fine.

The Shirley tomatoes are slow and look as if though they have been affected by the colder
nights as they still only have their seed leaves - the ones in the dining room are beginning to develop the second true leaves. The sweet peppers in the dining room are also growing well.

At the weekend I sowed some Marshalls Spring onions - White Lisbon to grown on in pots.

In the Veg Plot:

At the weekend we started planting up the veg plot.
All Marshall seeds.
Turnip - Aramis: Carrot - Amsterdam Forcing 3: Parsnip - Cobham improved marrow: Radish - Trial pack yellow: Lettuce - Tom Thumb, Dazzle & Little Gem: Parsley Moss Curled 2 : and I thought Beetroot ( but can't find the packet )

The ladder & wood is to keep the cats off the garden .. works really well (not) although she did stick to walking on the wood not the garden,

Also shallots and 2 crowns of rhubarb.

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