Sunday, 15 March 2009

A Days Gardening

Today has been beautiful, really warm. We spent the day, after the usual livestock duties, gardening. It made a nice change from 'doing' things to the house or for the livestock. We carted yet more bags of compost from the yard to the garden, planted seeds both in the greenhouse and directly into the veg. patch. weeded, cut back, planted out, moved plants, fixed baskets/troughs to the shed for the hanging tomatoes and had a general tidy up after all the trench digging last week. Built a few more feet of the stone wall and planned a head. It was good, now I ache. I couldn't help thinking of the post Colour it green wrote a few days ago about exercise....I have stretched, bent, lifted, carried, dug and walked up and down the steps and slope of the garden dozens of times... but no I don't 'exercise' !


Anonymous said...

its a good feelings ache isn't it :)

Sandra said...

Trouble is these days it carries through to the next day....think I'm getting old!