Friday, 27 February 2009

House work

No - not that kind, work on the house. Even though we have lived here for many years now, there is still much to do. When we bought the house it was very run down. It had been empty for over a year and needed attention inside and out.

Being married to a self employed builder is a mixed blessing; yes we don't have to employ/pay anyone and the standard of work is excellent but at the same time if work is busy our house gets left, if work is quiet there is no money coming in to pay for materials.

The last couple of days work has been quiet so my husband, eldest son and husband's cousin (the complete workforce) have been working on the extension to the front of the house.

It's not so much the house being done that I am excited about but as soon as this stage has been completed I can have my front garden 'back'. For several years now it has resembled a builder's yard, with the concrete mixer, bags of sand, gravel, concrete blocks etc.

Soon (ish) it will have a pond, bog garden, fruit bushes and maybe even grass.( Well I will need somewhere to put the broody coop, separate from the main run)

Photo1: Front garden looking down towards path

Front garden looking up from path

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