Friday, 15 April 2011

Waiting game

The ewes are due to lamb on Monday 18th April, tonight Annie looks 'bog eyed' and unsettled, her udder full and teats distended I think we may be in for a long night...she is huge! This will be her 4th lambing.

Updates will follow.....

Freda started lambing i.e waters broke, licking ground, bleating etc at 9.20 am this morning( Saturday 16th April) just off to check how she is doing.


Anonymous said...


i think outdoor lambing is actually cleaner.. although perhaps not on the compost heap!

how long will you keep them in for?

Sandra said...

Outdoors should be best. In the past they have lambed in the stable through choice. Onced lambed I usually keep them in for a day or so, I don't know why just the way it has worked out. A friend usually comes after 24 hours and tail docks them etc. for me and trims the ewes feet and then they go into the small 'paddock' with acess to the stable.